Bushveldgamecapture helicopter1210 0026 x Robinson R44 Raven II Choppers

"Robinson's R44 Raven Series Helicopters provide excellent reliability, responsive handling, and altitude performance, making the R44 the ideal helicopter for private, business, and utility applications.

The high performance R44 Raven II has a Lycoming IO-540 fuel-injected, angle-valve, tuned-induction engine, which eliminates the need for carburetor heat. The standard 28-volt electrical system ensures good starting performance in hot or cold weather, and provides additional electrical power for optional equipment."


2 x MD500 Helicopters

Bushveldgamecapture md5008webmain1 300x200 018"The MD 500E® helicopter delivers the highest speed, payload and productivity in its class. Rear seat passengers have greater headroom and visibility than earlier Model 500s. Refinements provide first class front and rear seating with ample legroom. The T-shaped instrument panel provides place for a full complement of modern avionics.

With a five-bladed main rotor and the choice of a 420-shp Rolls-Royce 250- C20B or 450-shp Rolls-Royce 250-C20R turbine engine, the MD 500E is the best performing helicopter in its class.

Proven reliability of the derated turbine engine, fail-safe design and a worldwide network of factory-authorized service centers assure customer satisfaction."

“The MD 500ER delivers the highest speed, payload capability and productivity in its class,” said Craig Kitchen, MD Helicopters Chief Commercial Officer. “We are honored that Bushveld Game Capture chose to make this aircraft, with its unparalleled durability and maneuverability, to be their second MD purchase in less than three years. It’s got the power and proven performance required to meet the challenges of big game preservation in the South African savanna.”

This right-hand command MD 500ER is the second MD Helicopter purchased by Bushveld Game Capture and features air conditioning, upgraded leather seating and cabin panels, the 420-shp Rolls-Royce 250- C20 turbine engine, extended heavy-duty landing gear, Fargo auxiliary fuel tank and cargo hook to support external loads up to 2,000 pounds. The cockpit configuration features the Garmin 500H EFIS all- glass avionics flight display, Garmin GTN650H touchscreen GPS/Navigation and communications panel and Garmin GMA 350H all digital audio panel."


Special Game Transport

2014 Volkwagen 17 250 truck with SABS approved trailerboth with 8m deck and three compartments each.Partitions build of 2mm steel with sliding doors

2014 Volkwagen 17 250 truck with SABS approved trailer – both with 8m deck and three compartments each.Partitions build of 2mm steel with sliding doors.

2014 Volkwagen 17 250 truck with SABS approved trailer – truck with with 8m deck and three compartments and trailer with 10m deck and four compartment. Truck and traier split to 14 single compartments

2006 MAN 4X4 with crane

2007 – 4 meter game trailer with two compartments

2007 Rhino & Giraffe recovery trailer

2014 Land Cruiser Pick Up

2010 Land Cruiser Pick Up


4000 meter of canvas
700 meter of net
Towable Ramp
Cable – 5000m / 6mm
Rope – 2800m Donzas – 9
Lever Host – 5(3/4ton)
Come along chains – 15
Jompers – 160
Poles – 156
White Rhino crates – 3
Black Rhino crates – 3

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